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7 articles avec territories under korea's sphere of influence

Draft : Korean Claims on Manchuria

South Mandchuria politically belonged to Korean Tungustic tribes until : Puyo? Koguryo and 1st period Palhae until Sun/Xuan Da Renxiu Wang) ca. 818 Korea extension claim onto South Manchuria : under Koryo vs Liao and Koryo vs Yuan until 1388 when Ming...

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Tsushima (対馬, Korean Daema) was a province of Japan until the abolition of provinces and establishment of prefectures . Tsushima is an island belonging to Japan, situated about midway between Korea and the island of Kyushu , so that the island was used...

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Usan State

The nation of Usan-guk 우산국 于山國 occupied Ulleung-do and the adjacent islands (including the Liancourt Rocks ) during the Korean Three Kingdoms period . According to the Samguk Sagi , it was conquered by the Silla general Lee Sabu (이사부, 異斯夫)in 512 . He...

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Ullŭng Island

Ulleung-do 울릉도 鬱陵島 is a Korean island in the Sea of Japan (East Sea). It is about 120 kilometers from the mainland of the Korean peninsula . Volcanic in origin, the island is rocky and steep-sided. Its natural beauty makes Ulleung-do a popular tourist...

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Liancourt Rocks

The Liancourt Rocks 독도/獨島 or Takeshima/竹島 are islets in the Sea of Japan (East Sea), claimed by both South Korea and Japan but administered by South Korea since 1953 . Korea classifies the rocks as a part of Ulleung County , North Gyeongsang Province,...

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Kando = Yanbian = The Third Korea

Gando refers to parts of Manchuria that were inhabited by Koreans . Location and origin Gando is the name Koreans use to refer to the parts of Manchuria long inhabited by Koreans . There is not a uniform definition of how much of Manchuria that Gando...

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