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Tang Silla Campaign > Fall of Paekche

Chinese Emperor Gao Zong, the "High Ancestor," concluded an alliance with Silla not to assist Silla in its conflict with Paekche and Koguryo, but to bring the entire peninsula under imperial control of the Tang Dynasty. The alliance merely provided a...

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Paekche Restoration Mouvement

Despite the surrender of its throne, Paekche died neither quietly nor willingly. A small defiant group led by King Uija's nephew, Poksin, and a Buddhist monk named Toch'im devised plans to restore the Paekche throne. They recruited an armed force from...

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Khitans (Liao) vs Koreans (Koryo)

926 : After destroying Balhae Kingdom , the Khitan the Khitan established the puppet state of Dongdan (東丹) Kingdom, where crown prince Yelü Bei ascended the throne at the old Bohai capital of Huhan in Eastern Manchuria, today's Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang...

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Tang Silla Campaign > Fall of Koguryo

in 661 AD, General Su Dingfang withdrew the main body of his land army from the mouth of the Kum River and sailed his fleet north to the Taedong River to launch a frontal attack against Koguryo's capital in Pyongyang. Koguryo armies under Yon Kaesomun...

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Countries involved in the ImJin Waeran

China and Korea vs. Japan Siam : Alled with China Mandchuria vs. Japan : Nurhachi and Orangai vs Katô Kiyomasa? When the Japanese army invaded Korea, Nurhachi sent an envoy to Korea offering help; he was heeding the call of the times. How did Korea react?...

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ryukyu kingdom

The RYUKYU ISLANDS (Chin. "Lu Chu" ) A long string of closely grouped archipelagos extending from southern Japan to northeastern Taiwan. The largest and best-known of the group is Okinawa. The islands have long hosted a local culture (whose language shows...

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