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16 articles avec war - campaign

Paekche Restoration Mouvement

Despite the surrender of its throne, Paekche died neither quietly nor willingly. A small defiant group led by King Uija's nephew, Poksin, and a Buddhist monk named Toch'im devised plans to restore the Paekche throne. They recruited an armed force from...

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Khitans (Liao) vs Koreans (Koryo)

926 : After destroying Balhae Kingdom , the Khitan the Khitan established the puppet state of Dongdan (東丹) Kingdom, where crown prince Yelü Bei ascended the throne at the old Bohai capital of Huhan in Eastern Manchuria, today's Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang...

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Tang Silla Campaign > Fall of Koguryo

in 661 AD, General Su Dingfang withdrew the main body of his land army from the mouth of the Kum River and sailed his fleet north to the Taedong River to launch a frontal attack against Koguryo's capital in Pyongyang. Koguryo armies under Yon Kaesomun...

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Wudi campaigns against Korea

1st campaign 128 BC : Causes : Wudi's campaigns against Korea had to do with his worries about a possible alliance between the Huns (Xiung Nu) and the Koreans. Moreover, Ko Choson refused to pay tribute to Han. Events and Consequences : Chinese submitted...

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Yan State vs Chosun (Qin Kai)

During the Warring States (403-221 BC), there was an invasion by Qin Kai of Yan Principality (under King Zhao) in 311 BC, which caused Ko-Choson a loss of 2000-li territory (Yan State have take Korean territories on the west side of Liao River). Qin-kai,...

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Mandchu Invasion of Korea

First Manchu expedition to Korea : 정묘호란 丁卯胡亂 The Manchus under Hong Taiji made their first expedition to Korea in 1627 . In Korea, this event is called Jeongmyo-Horan, which is insulting to the Manchus. Background Joseon helped Ming China when she attacked...

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Koguryo Restoration Mouvement

Koguryo Restoration Mouvement After the kingdom fell to Tang and Silla in 668 , Geom Mojam 검모잠 劍牟岑 (?- 672 ) kindled an opposition movement in the Taedong River valley and in 670 established Anseung (안승) as the new King of Goguryeo. Anseung is believed...

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1st Mongol Invasion of Japan

1274/10/5 : Attack on Tsushima Massive force of Mongol and Korean (Koryô) soldiers attacks and routs Japanese forces on Tsushima Attack on Iki 1274/10/14 to 10/20 : Landing at Hakata Mongol and Koryô forces attack Hirado and then move on to Hakata Bay....

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