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The Jurchens (Chinese: 女真, pinyin: nǚzhēn) were a Tungus people who inhabited parts of Manchuria and northern Korea until the seventeenth century, when they became the Manchus. They established the Jin Dynasty (aisin gurun in Jurchen/Manchu) between 1115...

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Khitans (Liao) vs Koreans (Koryo)

In 926, when Khitan tribes finally engulfed Parhae and brought the power of the steppe nomads ever closer to Koryo's northern frontier, Wang Kon initiated plans to reconquer the old Koguryo territory of T'aebong (The Later Three Kingdoms). He stationed...

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Tang Silla Campaign > Fall of Paekche

Chinese Emperor Gao Zong, the "High Ancestor," concluded an alliance with Silla not to assist Silla in its conflict with Paekche and Koguryo, but to bring the entire peninsula under imperial control of the Tang Dynasty. The alliance merely provided a...

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Countries involved in the ImJin Waeran

China and Korea vs. Japan Siam : Alled with China Mandchuria vs. Japan : Nurhachi and Orangai vs Katô Kiyomasa? When the Japanese army invaded Korea, Nurhachi sent an envoy to Korea offering help; he was heeding the call of the times. How did Korea react?...

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ryukyu kingdom

The RYUKYU ISLANDS (Chin. "Lu Chu" ) A long string of closely grouped archipelagos extending from southern Japan to northeastern Taiwan. The largest and best-known of the group is Okinawa. The islands have long hosted a local culture (whose language shows...

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Tungustic Language

in Manchu language : gurun = Country/ suwayan = yellow/ anggiyan =white/ fulgiyan =red/lamun = blue/ 愛新= aisin = gold As mentioned above Manchu is an agglutinative language, and its basic sentence structure is Subject-Object-Verb (SOV). Manchu Nouns Nouns...

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The Great Korean Emperor?

1. 마고주신 2. 개천(開天) 3. 창시기(創始紀) 4. 국 시조 안파견 한님 5. 국 제2세 혁서한님 6. 국 제3세 고시리한님 7. 국 제4세 주우양한님 8. 국 제5세 석제임한님 9. 국 제6세 구을리한님 10. 국 제7세 지위리한님 11. 태시기(太始紀) 12. 배달국 시조 커밝한한웅 13. 배달국 제2세 커부리한웅 14. 배달국 제3세 우야고한웅 15. 배달국 제4세 모사라한웅 16. 배달국 제5세 태우의한웅 17. 배달국 제6세 다의발한웅...

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