Draft : Korean Claims on Manchuria

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South Mandchuria politically belonged to Korean Tungustic tribes until : Puyo? Koguryo and 1st period Palhae until Sun/Xuan Da Renxiu  Wang) ca. 818

Korea extension claim onto South Manchuria : under Koryo vs Liao and Koryo vs Yuan until 1388 when Ming forces wiped out Koryo forces in Liaodong under Choi Yong? and Kando/Xiandao/Kanto

Whole Mandchuria belonged to Mandchurian Tungustic tribes : MoHe Nuzhen Tungus 2nd period of Palhae, Jin, Jurchen and Qing.

Other Question :

Chinese name contains : 2 or 3 Kanjis

Korean names contains 2, 3 or 4 Kanjis 

Most of Mongol, Tungstic and Japanese Names contains 4 Kanjis

乙支文德, 을지문덕 , Ulchi Mundok : a Koguryo general who beat Tang Army at Salsu (Chongch'on River?) in 612.

淵蓋蘇文 , 연개소문, Yon KaeSoMun, Koguryo dictator in the latest period.

乞乞仲象, 걸걸중상 or Qiqi Zhongxiang Tae Cho Yong father, the founder of Balhae Kingdom

耶律阿保機 , Yelu Abaoji, founder of Liao dynasty 遼朝.

完顏阿骨打 , Wanyan Aguda , the founder of Jin dynatsy

蒲鮮萬奴 Puxian Wannu a Jurchen warlord
爱新觉罗(=愛新覺羅  Aisin Gioro) 努爾哈赤 Nurhaci the founder of Qing/Manchu dynasty (who sent emmissaries to Korea/Uiju in 1592)...


Mandchuria belonged to China : Ming? Rep. Of China? PRC

Mandchuria belonged to Mongolia : Liao and Yuan

Mandchuria belonged to Japan : Manchukuo




Palhae =  Jin State: Yemaek Tungus (Koguryo orgins?) + MoHe Nuzhen Tungus vs Silla


Liao destroy Palhae : Yemaek Tungus  fled to Korea + MoHe Nuzhen Tungus later created Jin Dynasty. Koryo tried to recover the loss of Mandchuria ! offensive (juska ce ke Jin post refuse de les aider)


Jin wiped Liao out : Liao -> Kara-Khitai (became muslim state) + Khitan (who still remains Mongoloid tribes) subjugated to Jin dyntay


Yuan : destroy Jin dynstay : wiped out Khitans tribes and Juchen and invaded Koryo


Ming : reconquere China expelled out the Yuan to Mongolia and Mandchuria and Koryo also tried to reconquer Mandchuria  Jurchen?

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