1st Mongol Invasion of Japan

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1274/10/5 : Attack on Tsushima

Massive force of Mongol and Korean (Koryô) soldiers attacks and routs Japanese forces on Tsushima

Attack on Iki

1274/10/14 to 10/20 : Landing at Hakata 

Mongol and Koryô forces attack Hirado and then move on to Hakata Bay. Japanese forces resist, but sustain heavy loses and are forced to retreat in order to defend Dazaifu.

Mongol invasion of Japan: battle tactics
In the first Mongol invasion of 1274, Japanese forces were surprised by Mongol weapons and tactics. Using explosives and fighting in tight formation, the Mongols battered Japan's mounted warriors.

1274/10/21 : Retreat

Despite battlefield victories, Mongols begin to suffer from depleted supplies and disorganization. They withdraw to Hakata Bay, but the fleet is ravaged by storms and suffers heavy losses

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