Battle々 of Kizu River, 1576 : Nobunagas ironclads

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毛利輝元 : 600隻

織田信長 九鬼水軍の安宅船









Oda Nobunaga, a Japanese had six iron-covered Ōatakebune (大安宅船) made in 1576. These ships were called "Tekkousen", lit. iron armored ships, and were armed with multiple cannons and large caliber rifles to defeat large, but not iron-covered vessels enemy used. He defeated Mori (毛利輝元)'s navy with them at the mouth of the Kizu River, Osaka in 1578 in a successful naval blockade. They are regarded as floating fortresses rather than warships and were never used in the open sea.














大阪城天守閣蔵 熊野本宮大社 熊野九鬼水軍展より


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