Ancient Choson Rulers

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Annals of the Danguns are recorded in Gyuwon Sahwa and Hwandan Gogi. Gyuwon Sahwa is a credible historical record written in 1675, which is based on earlier records that are now lost. Hwandan Gogi is considered as a blasphemy, which describes Korean history back to 8th millennium BC, but part of it is based on Gyuwon Sahwa and other records.

Dangun Wanggeom (단군 왕검; 檀君王儉) BC 2333-BC 2240
Dangun Buru BC 2240-BC 2182
Dangun Garuk BC 2182-BC 2137
Dangun Osagu BC 2137-BC 2099
Dangun Gueul BC 2099-BC 2083
Dangun Dalmun BC 2083-BC 2047
Dangun Hanyul BC 2047-BC 1993
Dangun Useohan BC 1993-BC 1985
Dangun Asul BC 1985-BC 1950
Dangun Noeul BC 1950-BC 1891
Dangun Dohae BC 1891-BC 1834
Dangun Ahan BC 1834-BC 1782
Dangun Holdal (a.k.a. Daeumdal) BC 1782-BC 1721
Dangun Gobul BC 1721-BC 1661
Dangun Daeum (a.k.a. Huhuldal) BC 1661-BC 1610
Dangun Wina BC 1610-BC 1552
Dangun Yeoul BC 1552-BC 1484
Dangun Dongum BC 1484-BC 1435
Dangun Gumoso BC 1435-BC 1380
Dangun Sotae BC 1337-BC 1285
Dangun Saekbullu BC 1285-BC 1237
Dangun Aheul BC 1237-BC 1161
Dangun Solna BC 1150-BC 1062
Dangun Churo BC 1062-BC 997
Dangun Dumil BC 997-BC 971
Dangun Haemo BC 971-BC 943
Dangun Mahyu BC 943-BC 909
Dangun Naehyu BC 909-BC 874
Dangun Deungol BC 874-BC 849
Dangun Chumil BC 849-BC 819
Dangun Gammul BC 819-BC 795
Dangun Orumun BC 795-BC 772
Dangun Sabeol BC 772-BC 704
Dangun Maeruk BC 704-BC 646
Dangun Mamul BC 646-BC 590
Dangun Damul BC 590-BC 545
Dangun Duhol BC 545-BC 509
Dangun Daleum BC 509-BC 491
Dangun Umcha BC 491-BC 471
Dangun Uleuji BC 471-BC 461
Dangun Mulli BC 461-BC 425
Dangun Gumul BC 425-BC 396
Dangun Yeoru BC 396-BC 341
Dangun Boeul BC 341-BC 295
Dangun Goyeolga BC 295-BC 237

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