China : The Five Mythical Emperors (Wudi) 五帝

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The Five Mythical Emperors (Wudi) 五帝

Before Xia Dynasty's time, the title of emperor was passed to the next person considered by the community to have the highest virtue, instead from father to son.

 Temple Name surname Personal name   Reign Residence Notes
Huáng Dì (黄帝)
the Yellow Emperor
Xuan Yuan 軒轅氏     2696 2598 Youxiong 有熊 The legend of his retreat to west in the war against the eastern Emperor Chī Yóu at the Battle of Zhuōlù (涿鹿) is seen as the establishment of the Han Chinese nationality.
Zuo Che interregnum              
帝摯 (Jin Tian) Shao Hao (少昊)     2598 2514 Xifang 西方 Shaohao (少昊) is the son of the Yellow Emperor Huang Di, Shaohao is the leader of the Yi people, where he shifted their capital to Shandong Qufu. Ruling for eighty-four years, he is succeeded by his nephew Zhuanxu.
Zhuanxu (顓頊) Gaoyang (高陽)   2534 2514 2437 Pu 濮 he is a grandson of the Yellow Emperor, Zhuanxu led the Shi clan in a eastward migration to present-day Shandong, where inter-marriages with the Dongyi clan enlarged and augmented their tribal influences. At age twenty, he became their sovereign, going on to rule for seventy-eight years until his death.
Emperor Ku (嚳) Gaoxin 高辛氏     2436 2367 Bo 亳 (r. 63 years)
Di Zhi (Ji Gao Xin)        2366 2357    
Emperor Yao (堯) Tang Yao (唐堯)
Yaotang-shi (陶唐氏)
Yi Fangxun (伊放勳)
Yi Qi (伊祈)
2377 2357 2258 Ji 冀 He was known as the second son to Emperor Ku and Qingdu (慶都). According to legend, Yao became the ruler at 20 and died at 119 when he passed his throne in favor of the Great Shun, whom he gave his two daughters in marriage to.
Great Shun (大舜)
Emperor Shun (舜)
Yu Shun (虞舜)
Youyu-shi (有虞氏)
Yao Chonghua (姚重華) 2311 2258 2211 Ji 冀 He was given the leadership by Emperor Yao at 53 and died at 100, after giving his seat to Yu the Great.

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