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28 articles avec rulers

Tae Kaya Rulers

1.이진아시왕(伊珍阿시王) 382 :gibonhangi (the king of garaguk) and his sons (baekguji, asuji, guksari, yiramaju and yimunji) 479haji (the king of garaguk) 9.이뇌왕 Wolgwang T aeja fl. 522 November 544 Several men, including Hangi King of Gaya, said that when they...

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Yan State Rulers

Rulers of Yan Rulers of Yan Capitals: Ji 薊 (or Yan 匽 or Beiyan 北燕; modern Beijing), Linyi 臨易 (modern Xiongxian 雄縣/Hebei) Yan Shaogong 燕召公 " Shao Gong Shi 召公奭" (Ji Shi 姬奭) ... 9 generations... Yan Huihou 燕惠侯 865-827 Yan Xihou 燕釐侯 (Ji Zhuang 姬莊) 826-791...

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Jin and Mahan Rulers

JIN - An ancient Korean state or league of tribal states, located in southern Korea.Jin was active in the last half of the first millenium BCE. Little of substance is known of it, and the degree of authority able to be exerted by Jin monarchs over local...

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Fuyu Rulers

Buyeo (? 239 BC - 494 ) Buyeo is believed to have risen from the areas of Joseon in 2nd-3rd century BC. They claimed the inheritance of Joseon, and the rulers continued to use the titles of Tanje or the emperor. According to some accounts, Buyeo was divided...

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Wiman Choson Rulers

Wiman Joseon/위만조선/衛滿朝鮮 ( 194 BC - 108 BC ) was the continuation of Go-Joseon , founded by Wiman .Wiman was originally a refugee from the Chinese state of Yan . He succeeded in driving out King Jun of Go-Joseon and taking over the throne. He made the capital...

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Gija Joseon Rulers

Rulers of Gija Joseon List according to Book of Roots of House Seonwu of Taewon This list cannot be reconciled to any significant degree with Dangun Rulers one, aside from the fact that there is a period of time at the very end that the Danguns do not...

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Ancient Choson Rulers

Annals of the Danguns are recorded in Gyuwon Sahwa and Hwandan Gogi . Gyuwon Sahwa is a credible historical record written in 1675 , which is based on earlier records that are now lost. Hwandan Gogi is considered as a blasphemy, which describes Korean...

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