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Gaya (가야; 加耶, 伽耶, 伽倻), also known as Garak (가락; 駕洛, 迦落), Gara (가라; 加羅, 伽羅, 迦羅, 柯羅), Garyang(가량,加良), or Guya (구야, 狗耶) was a confederacy of chiefdoms that existed in the Three Kingdoms era in ancient Korea . Gaya is thought to have arisen from a more ancient...

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Toi invasion

The Toi invasion (Japanese:刀伊の入寇 toi no nyūkō) was the invasion of northern Kyushu by Jurchen pirates in 1019 . Toi (되, doe) means barbarian in Korean . Sailing in about 50 ships from direction of Goryeo , the Toi pirates assaulted Iki , Tsushima and...

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The Ainu (a word meaning "human" in the Ainu language ; Ezo, or Yezo, (蝦夷) in old Japanese ; Utari now preferred by some members) are an ethnic group indigenous to Hokkaido , the northern part of Honshu in Northern Japan, the Kurile Islands , much of...

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Sambyeolchio Rebellion

Sambyeolcho Rebellion 삼별초의 난 三別抄-亂 The Sambyeolcho Rebellion ( 1270 - 1273 ) was a Korean rebellion against the Goryeo Dynasty during the Mongol invasion. Unlike other rebels, Sambyeolcho had assumed the reins of Goryeo government before the rebellion....

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