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Ryukyu Kingdom

Ryukyu Kingdom was an independent kingdom which ruled the Ryukyu Islands from the 14th century to the 19th century . The King of Ryukyu unified Okinawa Island and extended its rule over the Amami Islands in modern Kagoshima Prefecture and the Yaeyama...

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Senkaku Islands

The Senkaku Islands ( Japanese : 尖閣諸島; Senkaku-Shotō) are islands are currently under Japanese control but claimed by the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan), by which they are known as the Diaoyu Islands or Diaoyutai Islands...

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Saikaido / Kyushu

Saikaido 西海道 is one of the main 'circuits' of Tokugawa Japan . Literally translated, it means 'western sea road', now known as Kyushu . Similarly, Hokkaido is the northern sea circuit. Nankaido , which includes all of Shikoku , is the southern; Tokaido...

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Gong Zun Warlord

Gongsun Du ( Traditional Chinese : 公孫度, pinyin : Gōngsūn Dù; ?- 204 ) was a general of the Late Eastern Han Dynasty. He did not get the opportunity to really get into battle until Dong Zhuo seized power from Emperor Shao (the former Prince of Hongnong...

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Lelang commandery

Lelang (樂浪郡 le4 lang4 jun4) was one of the Chinese commanderies which was kept in the Korean Peninsula over 400 years. History In 108 B.C. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty conquered the area under Youqu (右渠), a grandson of Wei Man . The Emperor set up Lelang,...

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Later Three Kingdoms of Korea

Later Three Kingdoms of Korea The Later Three Kingdoms of Korea ( 892 - 936 ) consisted of Silla , Hubaekje (later Baekje ), and Taebong (also known as Hugoguryeo, or Later Goguryeo ). The Later Goguryeo and Later Baekje kingdoms were viewed as heirs...

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Daifang Commandery

Daifang (帶方郡 dai4 fang1 jun4) was one of the Chinese commanderies in the Korean peninsula . History Gongsun Kang , a warlord in Liaodong , separated the southern half from the Lelang commandery and established the Daifang commandery in 204 to make administration...

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Koryong Bihwa Ara Kaya

Goryeong Gaya 고령가야 古寧伽倻 was one of the lesser chiefdoms of the Gaya confederation during the Korean Three Kingdoms period. It was centered in present-day Sangju City, North Gyeongsang province, South Korea . Legend indicates that it was founded by a King...

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Pon Kaya / Original Kaya

Geumgwan Gaya, also known as Bongaya (본가야, 本伽倻) (meaning the "original Gaya") was a major chiefdom of the Gaya confederacy. It is believed to have been located in modern-day Gimhae , South Gyeongsang , near the mouth of the Nakdong River . Aided by its...

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