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3 articles avec appendix

Vladivostok and Primorye

= Korean Chinese Russian European 연해주(沿海州) Primorsky ( maritime ) Krai Примо́рский край Primorye (Примо́рье) Maritime Province 海参崴 ( pinyin : Hăishēnwēi) " Holothurian Harbor." Владивосто́к controlling the East Vladivostok http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladivostok...

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Northeast China ( Simplified Chinese : 东北; Traditional Chinese : 東北; pinyin : Dōngběi; literally "east-north"), historically known as Manchuria, is the name of a region (ca. 1,550,000 km2) in Northeast Asia which is today the northeast part of People's...

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Temple names

Temple names (廟號 or less commonly 庙號 Pinyin : miào hào; 묘호 in Korean: Myoho), are commonly used when naming most Chinese (under Unified China Han, Jin, Sui? Tang, Song, Liao, Jin, Yüan, Ming and Qing dynasties), certain Korean rulers (under Koryo and...

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