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China and Korea vs. Japan

Siam : Alled with China

Mandchuria vs. Japan : Nurhachi  and Orangai vs Katô Kiyomasa?

When the Japanese army invaded Korea, Nurhachi sent an envoy to Korea offering help; he was heeding the call of the times. How did Korea react? At the sight of these Manchurians on the move Korea should have realized the situation beyond the peninsula. But Korea politely refused the offer and soon forgot all about it. Why would Nurhachi offer help? The Koreans certainly would have known the Juchen interest in Korean territory, and probably they were aware of this, as can be seen from the way they turned down the offer. But why did the Koreans not give any further thought to the event? Did they hope that refusing Nurhachi's aid would take care of the matter once and for all? The psychology of Korean statesmen is really hard to understand.

Nurhachi sent his envoys to the city of Uiju in late 1592 to meet with King Sonjo and his retinue after their flight from the advancing Japanese (Figure 1). Simultaneously, he sent a second delegation to Ming Emperor Shenzong in Beijing with an offer to send his own armies to aid Choson in its fight against the Japanese. The Chinese rejected the Jurchen offer outright, but Sonjo sent an embassy to Nurhachi's headquarters in the military town of Hung-gyong-nosong to further investigate Jurchen intentions. Though no agreement was reached with Nurhachi, the embassy returned to Uiju with a detailed report of conditions in the area and a map of the city. When China sent General Li Rusong's 50,000 man army into Choson in 1593 to engage the Japanese, Nurhachi saw his first real opportunity to assault the Chinese in the Liaodong region and began a series of military campaigns westward against the weakened Ming outposts in southwestern Manchuria.

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Neutral : Ryukyu Kingdom

Hideyoshi Toyotomi (the Japanese Shogun) orders the King of the Ryukyus to assist in the invasion of Korea; the King ignores the order.

in 1592- 1596 AD, Okinawa refused to supply the Japanese warlord, Shimazu (of the militaristic Satsuma clan of southern Kyushu), and the ruler of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, with necessary materials for Japan's abortive attack on the Chinese protectorate of Korea.

in 1590 when Toyotomi Hideyoshi ordered King Sho Nei (r.1588 - 1620) to provide troops and supplies for Hideyoshi's planned invasion of China through Korea. After initially hesitating, the king reluctantly shipped food supplies to the Japanese troops, which foundered in Korea and withdrew after Hideyoshi's death in 1598.


Neutral : Siam

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