Saikaido / Kyushu

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Saikaido 西海道 is one of the main 'circuits' of Tokugawa Japan. Literally translated, it means 'western sea road', now known as Kyushu. Similarly, Hokkaido is the northern sea circuit. Nankaido, which includes all of Shikoku, is the southern; Tokaido is the eastern, made famous by the wood-block prints of Hokusai and Hiroshige.

Early eighth century

  • Chikuzen 筑前国
  • Chikugo 筑後国
  • Buzen 豊前国 (part of ancient Toyo Province)
  • Bungo 豊後国 (part of ancient Toyo Province)
  • Hizen 肥前国 (part of ancient Hi Province)
  • Higo 肥後国 (part of ancient Hi Province)
  • Hyuga 日向国
  • Tane 多褹国 (small islands south of Kyushu)
  • Satsuma 薩摩国
  • Iki 壱岐国 (an island in the Genkai-Nada region of the Sea of Japan north of Kyushu)
  • Tsushima 対馬国 (a pair of islands between Japan and Korea, separating the Korea Strait from the Tsushima Strait)
  • Early ninth century to Meiji restoration

    Saikaido (West-Sea-Route)

    After Meiji restoration (1868)

    Saikaido (West-Sea-Route)

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