2nd Mongol Invasion of Japan

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1281/5/3 : Attack on Tsushima

Rebuilt Mongol force of 40,000 men leaves Koryô and attacks Tsushima and Iki. These forces are supposed to join troops from China at Iki.


1281/6/6 : Landing at Hakata

In violation of orders, the fleet leaves Iki and attacks Hakata. Driven back by stone barricades, they are forced to land at Shiganoshima. Japanese forces attack the fleet in small, maneuverable boats.

Mongol invasion of Japan: stone barricades
Parts of the barricades erected to defend Hakata against the Mongol invasion are still standing
1281/6/middle : Retreat to Hirado

Driven back from Shigano-shima, the Eastern fleet retreats to Iki and then to Hirado
1281/7/middle : Reinforcements from China

Chinese fleet (100,000 men) and Eastern fleet finally assemble at Hirado and begin plans for joint attack.
1281/7/27 : Battle at Takashima

En route to Hakata, the joint Mongol fleet stops at Takashima. Japanese forces attack, but are repulsed.
1281/7/29 : Retreat

Huge storm destoys Mongol forces. Remnants limp back to Koryô.
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