Tae Kaya Rulers

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382 :
gibonhangi (the king of garaguk) and his sons (baekguji, asuji, guksari, yiramaju and yimunji)

haji (the king of garaguk)


Wolgwang T’aeja fl. 522

November 544

Several men, including Hangi King of Gaya, said that when they returned to their states they will report this point to the king of Alla and the king of Gara (Chronicle pf Japan)

March 551

King Gasil manufactured the Gaya harp and ordered Ureuk to compose 12 tunes, but Ureuk exiled to Silla as his motherland came to fall into disorder.


September 562 : the prince of Daegaya and Sangson Joljigong went to Silla and gave up because they were unable to endure the attack of King Jinheung

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