Gija Joseon

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Gija Joseon/기자 조선/箕子朝鮮

Gija Joseon (around
300 BC - 194 BC* or 1126 BC - 194 BC) was an ancient kingdom that succeeded Go-Joseon.
Gija was the paternal uncle of the last emperor of the Chinese Shang Dynasty, the tyrannical King Zhou. Gija was imprisoned by the tyrant until the downfall of Shang Kingdom, when King Wu of Zhou released him. Not wanting to be the subject of the Zhou Kingdom, Gija led 5,000 to present-day Korea and became the king of Joseon.
Whether Gija Joseon actually existed or not is a matter of great controversy; for some historians deny or ignore Gija because of nationalistic ideology. According to
Samguk Yusa, Go-Joseon was established in 2333 BC. But Samguk Yusa doesn't provide much detail; and according to Gyuwon Sahwa, a historical record of Danguns and their periods of reign, Go-Joseon was ruled by 43 Danguns for 1195 years. The "lost period" between fall of Go-Joseon and Wiman Joseon makes it possible that Gija Joseon existed.
House Seonwu of Taewon of Korea has Book of Roots of House Seonwu of Taewon(태원선우씨세보, 太原鮮于氏世譜) which lists names of 41 rulers of Gija Joseon and their periods of reign.
Gija Joseon was succeeded by
Wiman Joseon.
7 史記卷四周本紀第四武王…命召公釋箕子之囚史記卷三十四燕召公世家第四周武王之滅紂[1027 BC]封召公於北燕宋忠曰有南燕故云北燕其在成王時召公爲三公自陝以西召公主之自陝以東周公主之史記卷三十八宋微子世家第八箕子者紂親戚也… 周武王伐紂克殷…訪問箕子…封箕子於朝鮮而不臣也
According to Shi-ji, King Wu, the first king of Zhou, commanded the Duke of Shao to release Kija from the imprisonment imposed on him by the last Shang king. The Shi- ji created the legend that King Wu enfeoffed the Duke of Shao as the ruler of (Northern) Yan, and also enfeoffed Kija as the ruler of Chosun, an eastern neighbor of Yan, in about the eleventh century BC. With a few strokes, Si-ma Qian installed two ancient Han Chinese royal scions as founders of both Dong-hu and Ye-maek Tungus states. The Shi-ji states that the Lord of Zhou ruled Shaan and its west, and the Duke of Shao the east of Shaan. Shi-ji notes that there must have been another Yan (called Southern Yan).

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