WiMan Joseon/Wei Man Chaoxian

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Wiman Joseon/위만조선/衛滿朝鮮 (194 BC - 108 BC) was the continuation of Go-Joseon, founded by Wiman.
Wiman was originally a refugee from the
Chinese state of Yan. He succeeded in driving out King Jun of Go-Joseon and taking over the throne. He made the capital in Wanggeomseong (王險城), today's P'yŏngyang. Although cultually Sinicized, Wiman Joseon was not a colony of China.
Wiman Joseon expanded to control a vast territory and became strong economically by controlling trade between China's
Han Dynasty and the outlying regions to the northeast. Feeling increasingly threatened by the growing Wiman Joseon, and fearing she would ally with the Xiongnu, Emperor Wu of Han China launched an attack on Wiman Joseon in 109 BC. After a year of battle, Wanggeomseong was captured and Wiman Joseon was destroyed. Han China established four commanderies in the captured areas, of which Lelang or Nangnang was the most important.

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