Fuyu Rulers

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Buyeo (?239 BC-494)
Buyeo is believed to have risen from the areas of Joseon in 2nd-3rd century BC. They claimed the inheritance of Joseon, and the rulers continued to use the titles of Tanje or the emperor. According to some accounts, Buyeo was divided into two countries, Bukbuyeo and Dongbuyeo, in 108 BC. Bukbuyeo was later succeeded by Goguryeo, but Dongbuyeo, ruled by the heirs of Emperor Haemosu, was shattered by Goguryeo in 22 AD. Dongbuyeo declined to meagre existence until 494, when they capitulated to Goguryeo.
Emperor Haemosu 해모수(解慕漱) (239 BC-195 BC)
Emperor Morisu (195 BC-170 BC)
Emperor Gohaesa (170 BC-121 BC)
Emperor Gowuru (121 BC-86 BC)

Bukbuyeo (北夫餘) (?
108 BC-?58 BC)
The rulers of Bukbuyeo retained the use the title of Tanje, or the emperor.
Emperor Godumak (108 BC-60 BC)
Emperor Gomuseu (60 BC-58 BC)
Dongbuyeo (東夫餘) (?86 BC-AD 22)
The rulers of Dongbuyeo submitted to the overlordship of Bukbuyeo in
86 BC and thus used the title of Wang, which means king.
寧稟離王 (영품리왕) King Haeburu 해부루(解夫婁) (86/59 BC-48 BC)
King Geumwa 금와(金蛙) (48 BC-7 BC)
King Daeso 대소(帶素) (7 BC-AD 22)
Rulers of Eastern Buyeo
絡   王 (락왕)
後   王 (후왕)
Si Wang 始王 ca.112

Prince Weichoutai/Wigut’ae
위구태 尉仇台(谥号) (ca.120-121 - aft.136)
Put’ae Wang
부태왕 夫台王 (ca.167)
Wigut’ae 위구태 尉仇台 (ca.190 - aft.204-205)

Kanwigo Wang 간위거(简居台王) ca.240-248
Mayo Wang 마여(麻余王)
King Yilü /Uiryo Wang 의려(依虑王) (?-285)

King Yiluo/Uira Wang 의라(依羅王) (286-?)
King Xuan/Hyon Wang 玄王 (? - 346)
孱王 (잔왕)

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