Jin and the Three Han States

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JIN - An ancient Korean state or league of tribal states, located in southern Korea.
Jin was active in the last half of the first millenium BCE. Little of substance is known of it, and the degree of authority able to be exerted by Jin monarchs over local clans is problematic.

The Jin (Samhan) Confederacy disintegrated around this time (c. 100 BCE), and was replaced by three local tribal confederacies:

Mahan (193BC - 369 AD)- located in southwestern Korea, comprising 54 local clans, one of which eventually emerged as Paekche.
Pyeonhan located in the south, between Mahan and Jinhan, comprising 12 clans. Eventually it was superceded by another affiliation of local tribes and clans, the Gaya Confederacy, which itself was absorbed by Silla by 562 CE. A considerable amount of commerce took place between Gaya and the early Japanese state of Wa, leading to much question over the relationship between the two. See Geumgwan / Karak and Tae for Gayan statelets.

Jinhan (located in southeastern Korea, comprising 12 clans, one of which emerged as Silla)

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