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1st Mongol Invasion of Japan

1274/10/5 : Attack on Tsushima Massive force of Mongol and Korean (Koryô) soldiers attacks and routs Japanese forces on Tsushima Attack on Iki 1274/10/14 to 10/20 : Landing at Hakata Mongol and Koryô forces attack Hirado and then move on to Hakata Bay....

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2nd Mongol Invasion of Japan

1281/5/3 : Attack on Tsushima Rebuilt Mongol force of 40,000 men leaves Koryô and attacks Tsushima and Iki. These forces are supposed to join troops from China at Iki. 1281/6/6 : Landing at Hakata In violation of orders, the fleet leaves Iki and attacks...

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Japanese Blitzkrieg

Japanese Blitzkrieg : 「文禄の役」の侵略図 With Choson enmeshed in factional squabbling, Hideyoshi readied his forces to move into Choson. From his headquarters in Hizen, Hideyoshi mobilized seven fully-equipped divisions, nearly 150,000 men and gathered a fleet...

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